STELLAR  BLACK  HOLES     Nuclear Fusion Ends
                                                                  Gravity Overcomes Neutron Degeneracy > 3 Sol Mass

    PHOTON SPHERE - Light Orbits, Exit Cone, Closest Orbital Radius,   R = 3/2 Event Horizon,
                                   33.5 km at 3 Sol Mass,   Varies Linearly
    EVENT HORIZON - Escape Velocity > Light Speed,  Space/Time folded in enclosure,
                                 Schwarzschild RADIUS = 2 x Gravitational Constant
                                 x Mass divided by Light Speed squared or 3 km x Sol Mass,  Varies Linearly
    SINGULARITY - Point containing all Mass

KERR - Rotating 
 External Space & Time dragged in direction of Rotation,
                                   2 Event Horizons & 2 Photon Spheres
    OUTER EVENT HORIZON - Time Stops, further in Reverses
    INNER EVENT HORIZON - Time Stops again, further in Re-Reverses
    STATIONARY LIMIT - OUTER EVENT HORIZON - Space-Time Flows at light Speed,
                                  Particle Remains Static,  Same Diameter as Event Horizon at Equator
                                  Squashes & Touches Event Horizon at Poles
    ERGOSPHERE - Between Stationary Limit & Event Horizon,  Max. R is 1/2 Schwarzschild  R,  Exit Possible
    COUNTERROTATING PHOTON SPHERE - Outer Radius of Orbiting Photons, Exit Cone
    COROTATING PHOTON SPHERE - Inner Radius of Orbiting Photons, Exit Cone
    SINGULARITY - Becomes a Ring

    OUTER EVENT HORIZON - Shrinks as Charge Increases
    INNER EVENT HORIZON - Increases as Charge Increases