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Tropopause has overlapping structure.  Jet Streams [JS], Tubular Earth Circling High Speed Wind Ribbons, form at Overlaps.  Core speed typically 100 mph, can exceed 300 mph.  General East Flow.  The N.PJS is 30 to 60 N. Latitude. The S.PJS mostly circles Antarctica.  N.PJS is 4.3 to 7.5 mi, above Sea Level.  Weaker Subtropical [SJS] is 6.2 to 9.9 mi.  JS follows the sun, moving N. during warm & S. during cold season. JS width typically a few hundred miles. Vertical thickness often less than three miles.  JSs typically over 3,000 mi. long, but discontinuities are common. Path meanders E. at lower speeds than wind in its flow. Large meander is a Rossby Wave, caused by Coriolis Effect with latitude, which slows E. migration.  Shortwave Troughs, smaller packets of upper level energy, which move through flow pattern. JSs can split due to upper-level Closed Low, which diverts portion of the JS under its base & remainder N.PJS & SJS can merge.